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Digital Business Card Tutorial

Step 1: Goto qrspins.com.

Step 2: To login use your temporary email address. This is the number on the back of your card added to @qrspins.com.

back of the card

Example: If the number on the back of your card is 294, your login email would be 294@qrspins.com.

Password: 1234

Step 3: When logged in go to the dropdown arrow on the top right of the screen.

Step 3

Step 4: Choose "change user detail"

Step 4

Step 5: Here change the login email to your own personal email, create a password, and click "Update"

Step 5

Step 6: To add your information to your digital business card go back to your dashboard and click "View" under Business Cards

Step 6

Step 7: Once in the business card scroll to the right and click "Update"

Step 7

Step 8: Here you can add all the information for your digital business card

Step 8

Step 9: Be sure to scroll down to the bottom and hit "Submit" to save

Step 9

Digital Business Card Tutorial Video