Upgrade your networking with QRSpins,
the professional way to connect!

Generate QR Codes

Share business presentations, sign-up forms, product demonstrations, and more.

Digital Business Card

Tap your Qrspins card on a phone and your contact details appear instantly.

UTM Traffic Analysis

UTM parameters are bits of information added at the end of a URL that can help you understand the visitors on your site.

URL Shortener

Enter a long website link to make it short. Create custom URLs and view your full link history at anytime.

Lead Generation

Collect contact and demographic information. Ask pre-qualifying questions and anything else that will help you close with the scan of a QR.

Personalized Landing Page

Create a standalone web page, created specifically for your marketing or advertising campaign.

Raffle Page

Build competitions that generate traffic to your sties and give you more followers.


NFC Business Card Chip
Business Card

Business card nfc chip for



PVC Chip (Waterproof)

Slim Chip (Fits between phone and your case)

Monthly Plan

Billed monthly at


USD a month = $180 a year

Yearly Plan

Pay the whole year upfront


USD a year